Self standing cable troughing system SP

The GRP Ebo Systems cable troughing SP is an innovative product particularly suitable in the facilities, impassable infrastructure, inaccessible environments, or dented places.

A flexible and economical installation due to the use of a system for supporting and fixing HDG. Lightweight lengths of 6m, perforations and lateral sides of the preassembled connecting fasteners allow a quick and easy installation.

Application areas: railways, trains, subways, etc..

System features and advantages


  • No corrosion

  • Extremely insulating, no need to earth

  • Dielectrical resistance 30 kV, certified by IPH Berlin

  • Fire retardant property according to UL 94 : class V0

  • Halogen free

  • UV resistant

  • Recyclable


  • Low weight

  • Easy installation

  • Delivered with perforations

  • Delivery length 6 m

  • Pre-assembled connectors allows a quick assembly

  • The continuous installation allows variations of distances between supports

  • The height of the system can be adjusted with variable pole lengths

  • Particularly adapted to various topographical conditions

Load resistance

High mecanical resistance according to the specifications of the Federal Bureau of railways and Mannesmann Arcor (Vodafone).

  • Homologation number: EBA / 21AZ2 / 0029/9 du 16.11.1999
  • Approved by DB Systel GmbH: T.SVN 15 10/12 du 27.05.2010

A compact system for the elevation and cables support along railways

  • Cable trays with removable cover

  • Self standing cable trays up to 6 m

  • Supporting pole in HDG material

  • Pole head in HDG material

  • Cover fixing with anti-theft bolts

Posts and post head fixing unit

Because of the shape of the pole head a height adjustment is possible. During installation on uneven ground, the swivel mounted post head allows adjustment in three directions. The post head-fixing unit is a single piece, thus making it easy and quick to install.

All the bolt fittings are standard size M10x25. A possible shift of the post position during installation can be overhauled thanks to the oblong holes on the top of the post head.

Adjustable post head in 3 directions

Post head adjustable in 2 directions


Overlapping covers through sleeves

Overlapping of the covers through sleeves avoids the infiltration of water.

The GRP cover is fixed with impregnable screw, type Torx, and a cage nut.

Impregnable screw, type Torx

Splice plates

The U-shaped connector made in 316 stainless steel secures perfectly the junction of each tray. Each 6 m length is delivered preassembled with a junction bolted on one side. The systems has been designed to be assembled by a single person whenever it is required. All the screws are round headed screws to avoid any cable injury. During the installation a 6 mm gap must be allowed between the tray lengths, and an 8 mm space between the tray covers.

Splice plate pre-assembly in the factory

Round headed screws, observed an expansion joint

Order of the srews



For the separation of the cables (with different fonctions and/or according voltages).

The divider is maintained at the bottom of the tray through the cable weight, thus no additional hardware required during installation.

Instructions for assembling

Cable tray SP stand-system view profile

Assembling the stand-SP system to support distance of 3 m

After installing the first post, the second will be installed at a distance of about 2.25 m to respect the position of the holes in the bottom of the base.

Assembling the stand-SP system to support distance of 6 m

After installing the first post, the second will be installed at a distance of about 4.50 m to respect the position of the holes in the bottom of the base.