Handrail system MC

Ebo Systems GRP handrails are ideal in tunnels and industrial facilities since a double function: support cables and help users find the exits in case of fire hazard.

These handrails can also be used as a security system in all hallways, corridors and stairwells. We offer handrails incorporating closed or not passages, with cables or not, with optional lighting of safety equipment.

Application areas: industrial plants, railways, road tunnels, etc..

System features

  • Made in pultruded polyester reinforced with fiberglass

  • Fire retardant

  • Self-extinguishing material

  • Low thermal conductivity

  • Maximal supporting distance 1.5m

  • Certified E30, conform to the standard DIN 4105-12

Handrail profile PR-MC 10

Handrail profile PR-MC 22

Handrail profile PR-MC 30