Cable tray system

The cable tray system K² (hot press moulding) offers the widest and most complete range of the GRP market. Its unique interlocking and self-adjusting couplers allows a screwless connection between the cable tray lengths, and a support distance of up to 1.5 m.

Application areas: wastewater treatment plant, chemical, offshore, tunnels, solar and photovoltaic installations, industrial facilities, power plants, mines, farms and food production, etc..

System features

  • Made of pressed polyester reinforced with fiberglass

  • Mechanical resistance thanks to a mixture of special resin

  • Interlocking and self-adjustable coupling, no screws required

  • 19 dimensions of cable trays available from stock

  • 188 fittings available

  • Supporting distance of maximum 1,5 m

Cable trays

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