Cable junction box KVK

The Ebo Systems cable junction box are used to connect underground ducts in new or renovated installations. It can be used in railways, signaling networks, telecommunications, water treatment, etc.

Made of reinforced fiberglass polyester, they offer excellent mechanical strength and ease of installation, thanks to their lightweight design. The structure is entirely modular, and assembly is very simple through interlocking (without screws).

Application areas: railways, telecommunications, water treatments, signaling networks, public lighting, etc..


  • Simple, screwless and low-cost assembly

  • 10 times lighter than a concrete one

  • Self-assembling

  • No sharp edges

  • Resistant to temperature ranges from -80°C to +130°C

  • Standard or custom dimensions

  • 100% recyclable

  • Long lifespan

Cable junction box


Fall protection grid

To prevent fall of tools and people, with a static resistance of 300kg


Metallic non-slip rungs with a retractable pole


Securing mechanism with a quarter-turn imprint system

Lifting road

Metallic pole for easy and secure lifting of lids

Anti-slip base plate

Thermosetting base plate with anti-slip patterns with embossed or silica surface


The cable junction box is delivered assembled. The set is composed of rings, a frame, and plugs. To ensure product stability, it is recommended to properly interlock the rings with each other.

1. Ensure a stable and level excavation.

2. Place the first section and check its level. Then, interlock the subsequent rings one by one.

3. Drill the rings using a hole saw for the connections. (Do not drill the first ring).

4. Place the frame on the chamber structure using slings.

5. Backfill and compact using a compactor, flush with the frame.

6. The GRP covers are placed on the frame using lifting rods.