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What are the differences between series KČ and KP?
K² cable trays are cable trays from a hot pressmoulding process. K² is a complete system allowing the routes of cables to be adapted to complex installations. The KP series, for its part, is produced by pultrusion. The KP solution is robust and particularly interesting for widely spaced supports.


 K² Series  KP Series
 Distance between supports: 1.5 m  Distance between supports: up to 4 m
 Large number of fittings  
 Height: 110 mm  2 heights: 50 and 80 mm
 Widths up to 600 mm  Widths up to 300 mm
 Long uniformly distributed fibres  Continuous uni-directional fibres
 Covers fixed with clips  Covers clip on without accessories
 Reinforced covers  
 No splice plates between lengths  Bolt-free splice plates