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K² : Pièces de forme

K² series proposes more than 160 shaped parts in stocks, with covers and all accessories. Radius of parts are adapted to routing of optical fibers.


Horizontal elbow 90°

Horizontal elbow 90°

Horizontal elbow 45° (small radius)

Exterior elbow 90°

Interior elbow 90°

Coude horizontal 90° KK B


Angle horizontal 90° KK W


Coude horizontal 45° KKC


Coude vertical extérieur 90° KK BA

Coude vertical intérieur 90° KK BI

Changing elevation 45°

Left hand reduction

Right hand reduction

T-junctions (large and small radius)


Changement de niveau 45° KK ET

Réduction droite KK RR

Réduction gauche KK RL

Dérivation grand rayon KK ST

Dérivation petit rayon KK SS

Embout KK KE