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Palm Tree

Palm02006: the year of Palm

Ebo Systems is proud to have been involved in the construction of this ambitious project, situated off the coast of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.


2004 January – Contacts with the specifier at Dubai, U.A.E.

2004: In June - Ebo Systems studies a solution of specific supports in Polyester. Ebo also proposes the cable ladder ML Series.

2005: In February - The fitter imposes to fix supports without drilling the wall of tunnels.

2005: In October - Definitive decision.

Dimensions of the project:

  • 2 tunnels of 750 m
  • Global budget of the project: 40 millions $
  • Volume for Ebo Systems
    Ladder ML 700100: 7000 m
    Ladder ML 300100: 3200 m
    Cable Tray KK 30050: 3200 m
    Covers KK D300: 3200 m