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Established in 1959 in Zurich, Switzerland, Ebo Systems was one of the first European manufacturers to specialise in the production of composites for electricity cable laying.


Ebo Systems relies on an efficient production installation and special steel moulds, heated and controlled to optimise production. Ebo Systems is one of the rare companies in the world to master the two main technologies of polyester processing: pressmoulding and pultrusion.

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Ebo Systems' products are suitable for use in the construction of tunnels, bridges and railway tracks. They enable operating costs in the marine environment to be reduced and withstand the majority of chemical agents.


EBOAFQAQEbo Systems has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994, which means the company:

  • undertakes to perform frequent assessments of its suppliers,
  • regularly checks the technical data it issues,
  • carries out a systematic check on materials used in the manufacture of its products,
  • controls all stages from the design of its products,
  • permanently tests the manufacturing process at all its critical stages,
  • performs a final check before dispatch.

    Certification no. ISO 9001/2000: QUAL/1994/2826c