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The reliability of glass fibre reinforced polyester solutions is proven in extreme environments (humidity, temperature, corrosion). Thousands of kilometres of polyester cable lines have been installed throughout the world.

Transport     Industries

Logo_TREbo Systems' products can be used in the construction of tunnels, bridges, railways, metros and airports and in port areas. They are  corrosion-resistant and do not release toxic fumes in the event of fire.
Logo_TIEbo Systems' products enable operating costs in the marine environment to be reduced and they withstand the majority of chemical agents. They are resistant to acids and bases, and lactic agents, and are perfectly suitable for industrial environments where cleanliness is essential.
  • Rail
    Metros, Tramways, Funiculars, Train installations, Railways, Railway tunnels, Railway bridges, Stations, Train maintenance depots, Catenary protection, Buildings in the Air industry
  • Roads
    Tunnels, Bridges, Motorways, Signalling, Urban installations, Bus installations, Service stations, Toll stations, Border control points, Buildings in the Road industry
  • Sea
    Navy, Naval sites, Dock installations, Dams, Locks, River installations, Buildings in the Marine industry
  • Air
    Airports, Aeronautical construction, Buildings in the Air industry
  • Chemical and Petrochemical industry
    Pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories, Chemical industries, Refineries, Processing of plastics and synthetic materials, Off&Onshore platforms, Liquefaction, Gas production and distribution, Tyre manufacture
  • Mechanical and metallurgy industries
    Metal processing, Metallurgy machining and fabrication, Surface treatments
  • Textile and cellulose industries
    Manufacture of paper and board, Textile producers, Textile processing, Tanneries and leather-working
  • Agriculture and food-processing industries
    Horticulture, Agriculture, Fish farms, Livestock raising and slaughterhouses, Dairies, Facilities for cheese-making and other dairy products, Bakeries
     Energy and water    Tertiary sector 

    Logo_EDThe safety and reliability of Ebo Systems products make them suitable for extreme environments (damp, temperature, corrosion). Excellent mechanical strength combined with very low weight guarantee the perfect solution.
    Logo_TS In administrative and commercial buildings, safety standards, fire resistance, absence of risk of toxic emissions (halogens etc.) lead to the selection of products from Ebo Systems. Speed of assembly is a further benefit and numerous accessories complete the product ranges.
  • Water and recycling
    Treatment, Desalination, Sewerage, Irrigation, Distribution, Pumping stations, Incineration facilities
  • Electricity
    Thermal, hydraulic, nuclear power stations, Energy distribution centres, Transformers, Solar installation, Geothermal facilities
  • Underground extraction and mining
    Mines, mineral extraction
  • Public services
    Administrations, Ministries, Health services, Schools and universities, Sports facilities, Army and civil protection, Museums, Monuments and cultural centres, Post offices, Telecommunications
  • Private sector
    Banks, Insurance, Distribution companies, Shops, Tertiary-sector buildings, Private health and education services, Hotels, Cultural and religious centres, Telecommunications