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KP : Pièces de forme

KP is a system available at widths of 60 to 300 mm, and heights of 40 to 80 mm. The products are delivered in 6000 mm (standard) or 3000 mm lengths. Bases are available non-perforated (KP) or perforated (KPL).


Horizontal elbow 90°

  Horizontal elbow 45°

Vertical exterior elbow 90°

Vertical interior elbow  90°

T- junctions

Changing elevation 45°


Coude horizontal 90° KP B.../P

Coude horizontal 45° KP C.../P

Coude vertical extérieur 90° KP BA.../P

Coude vertical intérieur 90° KP BI.../P

Dérivation petit rayon KP SS.../P

Dérivation grand rayon KP ST.../P

Changement de niveau 45° KP ET.../P

Embout KP KE