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Cable trays K2 series from Ebo Systems

A system built to last

There are a lot of applications where conventional materials will not withstand high varied loads in extreme conditions for a long period of time. Ebo Systems has developed a cable tray system in glass-reinforced polyester (GRP), a halogen-free and non-conductive composite material which is superior to most trunking materials due to its versatile, positive properties. It has excellent mechanical strength with low weight and is temperature-resistant from -80 to +130°C, resistant to salt water, intense UV radiation and most chemicals. This insulating material does not corrode and is physiologically harmless. Pre-punched holes on the trunking base ensure the necessary ventilation and drainage for any condensed water.

Save costs on installation

Ebo Systems cable trays K2 series are complete systems to support horizontally and vertically all kind of cables. Moulded accessories like risers, elbows (internal, external), changing elevations, junctions, covers, reducers, separation a.s.o. fit the same concept. The complete and wide range of sizes offers a solution to every installation requirement, no matter how complex :
- heights : 50, 80 and 110mm
- widths : 50, 100,150, 200, 300. 400, 500 and 600mm.

Each cable tray interlocks with the next using a male/female sleeve joint. For expansion and contraction, a free gap must be left to allow free movement. The Ebo Systems cable trays can be cut, using a simple handsaw ; no burring, no finishing and no danger of injury.

Structural reinforcement ribs improve its mechanical properties considerably.

There are unlimited applications for the Ebo Systems cable trays K2 series : in large-scale industrial facilities, in the chemical industry, in tunnel construction and marine industry - even in food processing plants.

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High speed installation with the Ebo Systems ground duct

The Ebo Systems BK range has been designed to bring a new solution where traditional concrete ducts appear to be appropriate to install.

Railway station area

Going around obstacles is a long and exhausting task with standard concrete ducts. The GRP ground ducts (glass reinforced polyester) from Ebo Systems featuring fittings to adapt to the environments (elbows, T's, a.s.o.).Cutting can be easily executed on site with only a regular saw. The BK range is the ideal solution to reduce your installation time.

Railway bridges

Confined environments and "hollow type" structures (i.e. steel bridges) are major reasons to turn to the BK range. With its heavy load bearing ability over long span distance, it definitively offers a unique and performing solution.

For general purpose application, the BK range is exhibiting such advantages that it wouldn't be wise not to think of it :
- light weight (3,5 kg/m) for easy handling,
- fast interlocking systems,
- anti slippery, strong and walkable cover,
- excellent insulating properties,
- fire retardant, according to BS476, with no halogen,
- life long corrosion resistance. For more information, please contact us on : Information service.

GRP cable management offers key advantages in offshore applications

Composite materials, like GRP (glass reinforced polyester), have been increasingly used in the offshore industry for the last few years, and that is for multiple reasons :

1. Corrosion is one of the main problems associated with steel

The non corrosive properties of composite materials offer competitive advantages in presence of several highly corrosive chemicals including H2S, CO2 and chlorides in combination with salt water and oxygen. This insulating non conductive material, excludes electrolytic corrosion and guarantees a very good stability to UV.

2. Investment and operating expenses' savings

If today GRP material costs are still more expensive than galvanised steel, it is no longer true when compared to stainless steel or aluminium. The installation costs of Ebo Systems' products are then significantly lower :

- No earth bounding
- Quick assembly thanks to interlocking features.

The replacement of corroded steel components can generate unforeseen disruption of production and then lead to high additional costs. Ebo Systems products are built to last throughout the project life.

3. Safety - a major advantage of Ebo Systems' products

Ebo Systems' products are self-extinguishing. They do not release any toxic fumes or halogen and insulate cables from external heat. The light weight, absence of hot work reduce personnel risk exposure during installation. On-site modifications are realised without the need of special tools, no burring, no finishing and no danger of injury.

Ebo Systems, a complete system dedicated to the offshore industry

Ebo Systems offers a complete range in GRP consisting of cable trays, cable ladders, accessories and fittings, fixing and supports, grates and railings and special profiles for the offshore sector.

Ebo Systems has been ISO 9001 registered since 1994.

For more information, please contact us on Information service.

Ebo Systems, 40 years experience in glass reinforced polyester (GRP)

Founded in 1959 in Switzerland (Zurich) the Ebo AG group was one of the first companies in Europe to specialise in the design and manufacture of profiles for the support and installation of electric cables. Convinced that this was a material for a new generation, glass reinforced polyester (GRP) was chosen for its mechanical strength, lightness, ease of installation and excellent resistance to fire and corrosion. In 1972, a new production facility, specialised in fabricating cable management systems, was set up at Villers-La-Montagne in France, in order to face up to the increase in demand from different markets. In 1980, in addition to the hot pressing technique, Ebo Systems introduced the pultrusion technique in order to present the customer with two ranges of products. In 1986, a new self-extinguishing composition, halogen free, and with low smoke and fume properties was perfected, and very quickly became the standard for all products, both pressmoulded and pultruded.

Ebo Systems possesses many patents, one of which concerns a new support, and one for the assembly of pultruded cable ladder systems.

Today, Ebo Systems has the most complete range in Europe and is one of the world leaders in this field of work.

Our knowledge ...

Ebo Systems uses high-performance production tools: special tool-steels, heated and constantly regulated for optimum production. Two fabrication techniques are used:

Hot pressing:
This pressmoulded technique based in composite materials allows production on request. The fabrication cycle permits the production of a complete range of cable trays, fittings and extensive accessories.

Pultrusion is an industrial technique which permits continuous production of profiles in composite materials. This process allows the build up of different profiles with various cross sections and variable thickness'. The length of the profiles is unlimited.

Quality, one of our priorities together with respect for the environment

With Ebo Systems the key factors for success and total quality are:
- permanent evaluation and classification of our suppliers,
- systematic control of goods and raw materials on receipt,
- verification of suppliers' technical information in the laboratory,
- total control in the conception of products,
- different controls of products during the fabrication process,
- final control before delivery.
Ebo Systems has been ISO 9001 registered since 1994.

Composite materials are generally perceived as pollutants, either in the course of fabrication or at the end of their lives. Ebo Systems is committed to the environmental quality certificate ISO 14001. The fabricated products which do not meet the quality levels are recycled on site. The recycling process, developed in-house, contributes to the commitment and pride of all those at Ebo Systems to respect the environment.

Glass reinforced polyester (GRP): multiple advantages

For 40 years, we have concentrated on the fabrication of glass reinforced polyester profiles (GRP). With a low weight, the composite material possesses excellent qualities and many advantages, also for applications where environments are aggressive.

- 80% lighter than steel, 30% lighter than aluminium,
- rapid mounting and interlocking assembly,
- on-site modification without the need for special tools, no burring, no finishing, no danger of injury,
- developed to withstand extreme weather conditions, salt water and most chemicals,
- very good stability to UV,
- insulating material, non-conductive, resistant to temperatures from -80 to +130°C,
- excellent fire behaviour, and self-extinguishing; GRP does not conduct heat,
- low smoke and fumes and zero halogen in the case of fire,
- resistant to corrosion and contributes to low maintenance costs.

Thousands of kilometres installed throughout the world are the guarantee of quality and reliability of our products.

Today, Ebo Systems offers a complete range consisting of cable trays, cable ladders, ground ducts, accessories and fittings, fixings and supports, grates and railings, special profiles, IP65 cabinets... With this range of products Ebo Systems can propose solutions to clients with demanding needs.

Close contacts - A competent team with services to match

Ebo Systems offers to our partners:
- a personal study of the project,
- advises at the beginning of the survey or the project,
- technical assistance on-site,
- training facilities on site or in the company,
- certified products in accordance with effective standards.

Ebo Systems products are to be found throughout Europe and the World. Well stocked, and with a well proven production and logistics system, we can guarantee a rapid delivery. The men and women of Ebo Systems share the same values and a common objective. Their raison d'être is to be available and involved at the beginning of each project, to study and propose the optimal technical and economic solutions. These requirements and challenges are the source of their motivation.

For more information, please contact us on : Information service.

(*)GRP = glass reinforced polyester

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